Invite a friend

Invite a friend is good! If your friend will be recorded, for every purchase of hims premium package you'll be recognized immediatly a Bonus of 15% of the duration of the package that he purchased it! An example: if your friend purchase a package of 1 year you'll earn 54 days of premium subscription free and immediatly!!! Besides the bonus are comulatives, so more friends sign a subscription and more it will be long the period of your premium account!!!!
How can you recruit a friend? There are 2 possibilities:
  1. your friend in the process of recording have to insert the e-mail address which you registered under the section "Have a friend invited you?"
  2. You can use this form which you'll be able to send to your friends in which it will be present the link to make the registration cointaning your credentials of "friend".
What are you waiting for? Invite now your friends to play on myAirline!!!!