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Manage your airline with myAirline

Pilot Welcome to myAirline. The free browsergame that will test your skill in managing a virtual airline. You will be buying aircraft and fuel, selecting the air routes you think will make your airline prosper. Hire the most talented pilots, give them aircrafts to fly and collect the money. Will you become the king of the sky among all other airlines?

Community and entertainment

The community is the strong point of our game. Play with us and you will be competing against other users, you will have to partecipate auctions to get air routes and aircrafts. In the forum our staff will give you the help you may need to make your way in myairline's world. What are you waiting for? register now, read carefully the game rules and have fun with us

New nation

21/10/2021 18:24
myAirline welcomes South Sudan. The new nation will have the airports present in its territory previously assigned to Sudan. The new nation will be part of Central Africa.

End of the flat earth

11/10/2021 18:36
In the new version on myairline.org, flights will be generated that were previously not allowed due to a code-side problem. In fact, in the airports in the extreme east (180 ° latitude) and those to the extreme west (-180 ° latitude) flights could only be generated towards the opposite side. From today it will be possible to cross the hemisphere, and it will be possible to find flights such as from Fiji to the USA that were previously impossible.

New version of myairline: www.myairline.org

24/09/2021 14:31
A new version of myairline is available at www.myairline.org . To log in, you need to retrieve your credentials from the registration email address and then you can re-enter the game using the same data on www.myairline.it. The new version will soon become the final one. Everything that was in flash has been turned into javascript, so it works on the new site!

Fixed problems with Flash Player.

03/07/2018 16:04
Following an update of Flash Player, some premium features no longer worked. Seven days of subscription to all active premium users have been resolved.

New airports in China

10/10/2014 13:05
183 new airports in the China:
  1. 6 International Airports
  2. 35 National Airports
  3. 142 Local Airports
A special thanks to Fegatto for cooperation.

myAirline news

09/02/2022 17:09 - myairline.org: Restyling marchi e loghi delle case produttrici - Restyling of the brands and logos of the manufacturers - Restyling de las marcas y logos de los fabricantes
08/02/2021 11:49 - Una nuova versione di myAirline sta per arrivare... A new version of myAirline is coming ... Se acerca una nueva versión de myAirline ...
25/07/2018 11:52 - Risolta la procedura di pagamento Paypal che non veniva visualizzata. - Solved the Paypal payment procedure that was not displayed. - Resolvió el procedimiento de pago de Paypal que no se mostró.